January Jones Goes Nude for Violet Grey Photo Shoot!

Posted Thursday March 20, 2014 8:00 AM GMT

Showing off her sexy and seductive sides, January Jones went into an exclusive interview for Violet Grey, showcasing some of the "Mad Men" starlet's finest snapshots.

Telling the Violet Files all about her sassy style, both on and off the red carpet, January said of her shocking statements, "I try to take risks and shock people a little bit. It’s important to provoke some sort of emotion, negative or positive."

Stating that she and her make up team, including Chanel artist, Rachel Goodwin spend weeks prior to events dreaming up personas that match her dresses, January said, "I go in a headspace where I’m portraying something, some emotion. Red carpets, premieres— they can be really daunting…It’s easier to play a character. It’s healthier mentally."

Here are a few relevant questions asked of January:

What do you really think of Jon Hamm?
"I think he's amazing. Very kind and generous, well read, very strong but easily vulnerable, very funny but also dark. My friend."

Do you believe in plastic surgery?
"Whatever helps a person feel beautiful and confident is fine with me. I personally am afraid of the procedures that involve anesthetic but ask me again in twenty years."

What is the most important piece of beauty advice you learned from your mom?
"She always told me that if I kept making so many weird and ugly faces my face would eventually freeze that way. Luckily I found a job where funny and/or frozen faces are encouraged. Also, to not over pluck your eyebrows, a strong brow makes you look younger."

To read all of what January had to say, be sure to pay a visit to Violet Grey!

Photo Credit: Ben Hassett for Violet Grey

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