"James Gandolfini Way" Created in Park Ridge, New Jersey

Posted Monday December 2, 2013 10:43 PM GMT

He's associated with the state as much as Bruce Springsteen and Snooki and now James Gandolfini is leaving a permanent mark on New Jersey.

This weekend, the "Sopranos" star had a street named after him in his hometown of Park Ridge, where he spent much of his childhood.

Joining in the celebration was the hit HBO series' director Timothy Van Patten, along with cast members Steve Schirripa, Vincent Curatola, Tony Sirico, Dominic Chianese, Vincent Pastore, and John Ventimiglia.

Speakers at the event attended by his surviving family included his son Michael, who said, "He just told me every story about every place here. [He] definitely made a point of coming here." On Sunday, the Park Ridge city council declared that it was "James Gandolfini Day."

Photo Credit: Getty Images