Chris Pine & Keira Knightley Premiere “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” in London

Posted Monday January 20, 2014 4:00 PM GMT

Their flick premiered with strong numbers over the weekend, and the cast of “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” brought the project over the pond on Monday (January 20).

The film’s star Chris Pine posed with his lovely counterpart Keira Knightley and director Kenneth Branagh at the Vue Leicester Square in London, England.

In related news, Pine recently chatted with XFM about his action role and claimed that Jack Ryan is tougher than Batman.

“Jack Ryan originally was born in the 50s and was very much like a Cold War hero, and just to contemporise the character we wanted to see what it was like to have an American spy in a post 9/11 world," Chris explains.

“So he's dealing with a certain amount of trauma and PTSD. And to have a real human character as a hero, is a lot more interesting and a different terrain to explore than something like Batman or Jason Bourne or Ethan Hunt, guys that just seem like they know exactly what they're doing at all times who are super smooth and cool.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images