Ireland Baldwin: Embroiled in Controversy Over Cherokee Indian Halloween Getup

Posted Thursday October 31, 2013 11:38 AM GMT

She’s a huge fan of Disney’s “Peter Pan,” and Ireland Baldwin decided to dress as the Native American chief from the story for Halloween.

However, when the just-turned-18 model posted photos of herself in face paint and a headdress, some of her Twitter followers got pretty cranky.

In response to the criticism, Ireland tweeted, “This is who I was being for Halloween at Disneyland. You all are pathetic… I’m also well aware of what many tribes encountered in the past.”

“And for some of you pathetic morons to bring my family and other matters into the discussion. you are all sad excuses for human beings,” she added, noting that she has Cherokee in her bloodline.

After things cooled off, Baldwin offered an apology- “People make mistakes, everyone. I made a mistake and I apologize if it offended.”

Photo Credit: Instagram