Idina Menzel Sits Down with TODAY for "Frozen" and "If/Then" Interview

Posted Thursday April 3, 2014 9:48 PM GMT

Newly dubbed "One of the Hottest Names in Entertainment," Idina Menzel made an appearance on TODAY for an interview, discussing her star role as Elsa in "Frozen," and her new Broadway show, "If/Then."

When told that she has "Replaced Adele's record at the top of the Billboard chart," Idina said, "It's been an amazing ride, and the fact that it just connects with all these young kids makes it even more powerful."

Idina also commented on her Billboard Magazine cover photo, saying, "That', like, my first cover ever in my life," adding that a Broadway star making her way to Billboard's cover page is "unheard of! It probably makes them crazy, I don't know! But they were so nice to have me."

When asked about singing her record-breaking song, "Let it Go," at the Oscars, after John Travolta mispronounced her name, the 42-year-old laughed, saying, "I had done this whole preparation to make sure that I really was in my body and didn't get too nervous. So I was picturing my (4-year-old) son Walker, I thought, 'Let me just sing it to him' like we do in the bathtub ... and (Travolta) said my name like that and I was like, 'Did that just happen?'"

Continuing, the "Wicked" starlet said, "Then the orchestra started and then for eight seconds, I said, 'Get your sh*t together! And like, stop worrying about your name and sing this song!' ... So it took me about eight seconds to get over myself." Watch the interviews below for the entire conversation, and listen to Idina sing a number from "If/Then!"

Photo Credit: Facebook