"Ides of March" Premieres in New York City

Posted Wednesday October 5, 2011 9:18 PM GMT

Just days away from the film's October 7th release date, the stars of "The Ides of March" stepped out for their film's premiere in New York City on Wednesday night (October 5).

Looking his usual dapper self, leading man George Clooney opted for a sleek blue suit as he was joined at the Ziegfeld Theater venue by his A-list co-stars Evan Rachel Wood and Marisa Tomei.

Also on hand to support the upcoming picture's west coast debut screening were stars such as Christie Brinkley, Martha Stewart and actor Paul Giamatti.

While recently talking about his latest project, Clooney offered up his thoughts of why the film has earned such widespread appeal, telling press, "Everywhere it's played, they think it's got something to do with their politics."

He added, "When I had to pitch this movie, I would say, 'OK, here's why it's universal and not just an American film about delegate counts.' I pitched the idea of a morality tale."

Photo Credit: Getty Images