Cristin Milioti Shoots Down “Dead Mom” Rumor for “How I Met Your Mother” Finale

Posted Monday March 10, 2014 1:25 PM GMT

It’s going to be sad when “How I Met Your Mother” comes to a close after nine memorable seasons, and Cristin Milioti insists that her character will be very much alive, despite rumors ot the contrary.

The “Wolf of Wall Street” stunner took issue with the erroneous theory that Ted has been narrating from the future where his wife has since passed away.

Cristin declared, “That’s insane. There’s some crazy conspiracy theories, which actually just makes me love the fans more.”

Choosing to see the nutty notion as a positive rather than get annoyed, Milioti continued, “There’s such passion there. That is so crazy.”

Photo Credit: THR