“How I Met Your Mother” Finale Gets No Twitter Love

Posted Tuesday April 1, 2014 11:25 AM GMT

After 9 years of keeping fans happy, “How I Met Your Mother” seems to have upset viewers with its series finale.

On Monday night (March 31) the beloved show ended with a twist when Ted (Josh Radnor) ended up with Robin ( Cobie Smulders) after meeting “Mother” Tracy McConnell, who dies shortly thereafter.

Loyal viewers took to Twitter to voice their dismay, with one fan tweeting, “Anyone who has watched years n years of "how I met your mother" please dont waste your time to watch the end..spoils everything #HIMYMFinale.”

Another wrote, “I'm going to pretend that it ended when Ted said ‘that's how I met your mother’ and everything past that point never existed #HIMYMFinale.”

Further tweets included, “I mean the show is called "How I Met Your Mother" not "How I Went Back To Your Aunt Robin 20 Times" #HIMYMFinale,” and, “I have never been more disappointed with any series finale than "How I Met Your Mother." I've also never felt more like rioting. #himym.”

Photo Credit: CBS