Hope Solo Talks Gold Medal, Brandi Chastain on "Late Night"

Posted Thursday August 16, 2012 9:41 AM GMT

Proudly sporting her newly earned gold medal, Hope Solo was one of the special guests on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” on Wednesday (August 15).

The 31-year-old soccer star discussed her London Olympics victory with the talk show host while also plugging her brand new memoir, which recently hit book stands.

Delving into his questions, Fallon asked Miss Solo if she has any superstitions when it comes to game-time. Telling that she isn't that type, the brunette beauty added, “You pave the way with your hard work.”

When the duo moved on to talk about Hope's literary work, she dished, “I have anxiety about people knowing my story, but at the same time it’s out now.”

In the already successful novel, the two-time Olympic champion opens up about her distaste for commentator Brandi Chastain, as she writes in her book, “NBC had hired Brandi Chastain to do the color commentary on our games. She had been relentlessly negative during our qualifying matches, nitpicking little details and criticizing Pia's strategy. I had tweeted back in January, "Hey brandi did you find anything positive in our game? Curious minds over here ..."

Solo continued to criticize the former World Cup champion, writing, “I know what Brandi and the other '99ers did for the sport. Believe me, you can't escape it. But I also know what we're doing for the sport -- something the old guard doesn't seem to want to recognize. We're a new generation, claiming our own mantle and doing as much for the sport as they did.”

In an effort to stray away from the controversial topic, Solo closed out the interview by discussing her gold medal efforts in the UK, saying, “I felt like we were a team and I never really understood what that meant until now.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images