Hilary Swank Covers Gotham December 2011

Posted Tuesday December 6, 2011 5:15 PM GMT

Bringing her beauty to the forefront, the lovely Hilary Swank blows a kiss for the cover of the December 2011 issue of Gotham magazine.

The 37-year-old big screen star lines the publication's pages in a Brian Bowen Smith photographed shoot while chatting about her upcoming movie "New Year's Eve," as well as how she decided that she wanted to be an actress at the young age of 8-years-old.

Highlights from Miss Swank's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to visit Gotham!

On her new movie::
"It’s called New Year’s Eve. Essentially, the idea behind the movie is every year we get a second chance to do better, to do more, to forgive, to love more, to give more."

On whether there's anything she's scared of in life::
"Then I really must be a good actor! I love that you asked, because I go after things the way that I do because I am scared. I go gung-ho and dive in because it’s my way to be prepared, physically and mentally. My fear control mechanism is to be overly prepared."

On the moment in life in which she decided to go for a career in acting::
"When I was eight years, I was playing Mowgli in The Jungle Book, and I knew I wanted to be an actor. Then later, my mom was at a crossroads in her life and she said, 'If you really want to do this, we should go to California.' And my mom and I picked up and went to California."

On her criticized trip to Chechnya::
"Invitations to make appearances come up all the time. In this case, a Turkish real estate company invited me to help promote peace by celebrating the rebuilding of a war-torn city and meeting people who were rebuilding their lives. That’s how it was presented to me, and I thought, Absolutely, yes. When I was there, I was asked to wish the president a happy birthday, and I did. Shame on me for not having researched the trip more fully, but I didn’t know President Kadyrov’s record. Human rights organizations had tried to warn me, but those warnings weren’t shared with me. The things that have been written about me in the press are totally contradictory to who I am. It’s on me for having gone, and I regret it. Believe me, I’m never again accepting an invitation before I have all the information I need."

On being back in New York:
"I love this city—it inspires me and makes me feel like I don’t ever want to leave. I love running in the city because of the seasons. When it snows or rains, it’s my favorite time to run because no one is ever out, so it feels like my city. I live downtown and run by the river, and that’s another thing I love about New York—you have the city, but you also have nature."

Photo Credit: Brian Bowen Smith for Gotham

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