Helen Mirren Twerks While Receiving the Hasty Pudding Award

Posted Friday January 31, 2014 12:33 AM GMT

Accepting one of Harvard University's highest honors, Helen Mirren received the 2014 Hasty Pudding Award from the Hasty Pudding Theatricals on Thursday (January 30).

Getting right into the spirit for the event, the 68-year-old joined in a parade through the streets of Cambridge, MA, with Hasty Pudding troop members, and when she hit the stage, she was asked to do a few things she had never done before.

On stage, Dame Helen was asked what her spirit animal is, answering that it is a sloth, who the hottest actor she'd ever worked with was, answering, Harrison Ford, and who would win in a fight between her and Meryl Streep, saying, "Meryl would win, definitely."

However, the most eye-catching event of the affair occurred when she was asked to twerk in front of her audience, telling them, "[I tried in my bedroom. It was absolutely humiliating." But, being the good sport that she is, she did it! Watch the video below!