Heidi Klum: Astor Cosmetics Cutie

Posted Monday November 29, 2010 2:19 PM GMT

Taking care of a promotional gig, Heidi Klum was spotted at the launch of Astor’s new cosmetics products in Munich, Germany today (November 29).

The “Project Runway” babe looked fabulous as she hammed it up for the press outside the Louis Hotel before heading inside.

In a recent interview, Ms. Klum discussed the amazing feat of keeping her sanity in a house full of kids.

“When I'm at the dinner table and everybody asks me a question at the same time. Or when the baby cries and cries and you're, like, 'What is wrong? You're not hungry. I changed you—what is it?' The sound level goes really high, and it's like, whoa! I take a deep breath and say, 'This is my world.' It's a roller coaster. Sometimes you're on top and everything is fabulous, and sometimes it's crazy. But it's what I wanted, and in the end, I love it."

Photo Credit: FamePictures.com