Heather Graham: “So B*tchy” on “Chelsea Lately”

Posted Friday January 17, 2014 4:28 PM GMT

She’s played just about every type of role in Tinseltown, but Heather Graham finds her latest project, the Lifetime movie “Flowers in the Attic,” especially challenging.

During her interview on “Chelsea Lately,” the “Boogie Nights” babe discussed her experience playing a nutjob mom, and her on-screen children’s reaction to her when the cameras stopped rolling.

After watching a segment from the film, Heather declared, “I was so b*tchy in that clip!” and host Chelsea Handler wondered “if the little kids that you were hitting” were also fearful of her in real life.

Graham explained, "Well, they liked me a lot at first, and then about halfway through they started to be like kind of mad at me. Then, one little boy was like, 'You poison us,' and I was like, 'Sorry! Like, didn't you read the script, you idiot?'"

“Flowers in the Attic” is based on the V.C. Andrews book from the 1970s, and it turns out Heather had quite a tall order in signing on for the movie. "People love these books! I mean, people are obsessed."

Photo Credit: E!