Sir Mix-A-Lot Responds to Bare Butt Photo of Harry Styles

Posted Monday January 27, 2014 11:48 PM GMT

Originally posted back in November, a photo of Harry Styles' bare behind surfaced on Twitter on Sunday (January 26).

In the pic, the One Direction member appears to be peeing in a bush with his pants pulled all the way down.

Responding to the leak, the 19-year-old boy bander tweeted, "Mix-A-Lot's in trouble." Catching wind of the situation, the "Baby Got Back" singer replied, "Who's bushes you peeing in? Classic!!!"

Later, he added, "oh wait... That's my house!! Those are my bushes!!" Though he could be joking, some reports are claiming the image was taken while Harry was partying at the rapper's house.

Photo Credit: Twitter