Harry Styles’ Motorcycle Malfunction

Posted Thursday March 13, 2014 1:48 PM GMT

He’s the epitome of ‘cool’ but even Harry Styles hits a snag from time to time and yesterday the One Direction heartbreaker found himself in need of a tow.

While going for a joyride on his snazzy motorcycle, Styles ended up breaking down in Pacific Palisades and had to have his bike towed to a repair shop in West Hollywood.

And while Harry officially split up with Kendall Jenner last month, it sounds like he’s looking for some sweet reunion action while he’s in SoCal.

An insider told press, "Harry keeps texting asking her to meet up. He says they need to talk some more. They're not back together, but it seems like Harry wants her back. He's the world's worst breaker-upper.”

"As soon as Harry splits with a girl, the next day he'll tell them he feels sad without them, that he misses them and that he feels like he made a mistake. And Kendall's playing hard to get, so he's fighting even harder.”

Photo Credit: FameFlynet.com

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