Halle Berry Falls for Ellen’s Frightful Prank

Posted Sunday October 28, 2012 1:30 PM GMT

During a promotional tour for her new film “Cloud Atlas,” Halle Berry made a stop on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” last week.

While chatting with the host, the 46-year-old actress revealed that her home has recently become overrun with horrifying black widow spiders.

“I just left,” Miss Berry said. “Before I passed out I said 'I'm going to leave and you're going to have to handle that.' Because I can't stand spiders. I don't even like daddy long-legs.”

Everything seemed fine until after the commercial break when Ellen scared Halle after a man dressed in a spider suit popped up behind the actress.

“That was so mean!” the Oscar-winning star joked. “I'm so sorry I talked about the spiders.”

Watch the frightful encounter below!