No Doubt Pulls "Looking Hot" Video, Apologizes to Native Americans

Posted Saturday November 3, 2012 10:21 PM GMT

Hoping to make amends for an unforeseen miscue, No Doubt pulled their just-released "Looking Hot" music video from major media outlets on Saturday (November 3).

Also offering an apology in the form of a letter posted on their website, the quartet of Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal, Adrian Young and Tom Dumont's swift reaction comes after their teepee and headress laden production quickly came under fire as being offensive to Native Americans.

The two-time Grammy winners remorsefully wrote, “As a multi-racial band our foundation is built upon both diversity and consideration for other cultures. Our intention with our new video was never to offend, hurt or trivialize Native American people, their culture or their history. Although we consulted with Native American friends and Native American studies experts at the University of California, we realize now that we have offended people. This is of great concern to us and we are removing the video immediately.”

“The music that inspired us when we started the band, and the community of friends, family, and fans that surrounds us was built upon respect, unity and inclusiveness," the California rockers continued.

Clearly having no intention of wrongdoing, Gwen and her bandmates' statement lastly read, "We sincerely apologize to the Native American community and anyone else offended by this video. Being hurtful to anyone is simply not who we are."

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