Grammy Awards Announces Changes

Posted Wednesday April 6, 2011 2:21 PM GMT

It’s one of the biggest events of the year, and the Grammy Awards will have some changes in place as of next year’s shindig.

Probably the biggest transition will be the shift from 109 categories to 78 categories, according to Jimmy Jam and Bill Freimuth.

Rather than have separate Best Vocal awards for male and female, there will just be one award for Best Solo Performance.

Recording Academy President/CEO Neil Portnow explained, "Every year there are changes but we've never … stopped and stepped back to look at the whole thing. [We asked], is there an underlying infrastructure and rationale across all the awards as to how we're doing this? And what we found is, there wasn't. So we said, 'All right, let's deal with the holy grail here. Let's sit down and talk about what might be a vision or an overview structure of this that gives us some consistency.'"

Photo Credit: Getty Images