GossipCenter's Weekly Wrap Up: March 10-16

Posted Monday March 17, 2014 8:00 AM GMT

As winter slowly turns into spring for most of the country, celebrities head out and about. Here is what caught our eye this week at GossipCenter.

GossipCenter Joins No Kids Movement: Joining in on the movement to protect the privacy of children of celebrities, GossipCenter network announced we will no longer publish images of children without parental consent. The No Kids movement was started by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard after Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry testified before the California State Assembly Judiciary Committee on Public Safety to enforce stricter paparazzi laws for the protection of public figures’ children.

Chris Brown Heads to Jail: He can't seem to stay out of trouble for long, and now Chris Brown is back in jail. The "Don't Wake Me Up" singer was reportedly kicked out of rehab for having an "inappropriate relationship" with a female worker. In an agreement with the judge who is presiding in his case, Brown had to go to jail if he left his rehab stint early.

Lady Gaga Raises Eyebrows at SXSW Performance: She is known for her fantastic performances, and Lady Gaga didn't disappoint at the annual SXSW Festival. The "Poker Face" songstress treated fans to an energetic show, complete with being "puked on." Later, Gaga admitted that she may have went too far saying, "It was just exciting to see people talk about performance art on the internet. We really just did it because we believe in the performance and we believe in what it meant to the song."

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson Switch Wedding Venues: Deciding to keep things simple for their big day, Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson have scrapped plans to hold their wedding in Italy. The duo felt it was too much to ask family and friends to travel overseas for a ceremony and are now looking into locations closer to home.

Angelina Jolie to Undergo More Surgery: Taking more steps to avoid developing cancer, Angelina Jolie will once again go under the knife. The 38-year-old “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” starlet told Entertainment Weekly that she’ll visit her doctor soon to take care of the final step. Angie explained, “There’s still another surgery to have, which I haven’t yet. I’ll, you know, I’ll get advice from all these wonderful people who’ve I’ve been talking to, to get through the next stage.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images