Giuliana Rancic on her Most Awkard Interview: Russell Crowe was "So Mean to Me"

Posted Thursday March 20, 2014 6:13 PM GMT

His temper is no secret in Hollywood, but Russell Crowe even managed to offend the affable Giuliana Rancic.

During Wednesday's always juicy "Watch What Happens Live!," the E! host was asked what was her most awkward interview.

Thinking for only a few seconds, she replied, "Duh, Russell Crowe was so mean to me." After explaining how she asked him if he was excited to be at a movie premiere, he replied, "I'm contractually obligated to be here, what's your next question?"

Her next question was equally displeasing to the Aussie actor according to Giuliana's account and he told her, "One, two, you're through." Yikes. Check out her story in the player below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images