Gisele Bundchen Shows Some Love To Teen with Bone Cancer

Posted Friday December 27, 2013 3:00 PM GMT

She’s always been a kind soul, and Gisele Bundchen brightened up the day of a teenager suffering from bone cancer during a recent visit.

On Thursday (December 26) the Brazilian supermodel hung out with 15-year-old Karina Xavier, a fashion blogger who also just happens to be from Brazil.

After trading beauty secrets and makeup tips, Karina took to her Facebook page and blog to post photos and commentary on her time with Bundchen.

Xavier wrote, "From the moment you surprised me, until the moment you left, I was so shocked for you being here with me! Thank you so much for taking time off of your day to come visit me and spend some time with me! Also thank you for your kind words and your very meaningful gifts! You are a great person and you will continue inspiring me I love you @giseleofficial And to my followers: Stay tuned for something special on my blog!!! I'm so happy!!!!!!"

And Gisele also shared her reaction to the meeting- "You are warrior, an inspiration of positivity and courage. I will be praying for you. Sending you love and light always."

Photo Credit: Instagram

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