Ginny Blackmore Performs Rihanna's "Stay" on 93.9 MIA: Watch Here!

Posted Wednesday March 20, 2013 4:10 PM GMT

Up-and-coming recording artist Ginny Blackmore recently paid a visit to Miami’s 93.9 MIA to chat about her career and explain why she’s a soon-to-be household name.

The “Bones” songstress discussed the first time she heard her song on the airwaves, and said, “It feels crazy because it's been a really long journey from New Zealand to where I am right now. So to have my song on the radio is pretty awesome and it only just came out now. So fingers cross."

Miss Blackmore explained that she would work on her single throughout the wee hours of the evening, adding, “It is [a] pretty emotional [song]. Um not so much about a guy, but I had a really dramatic crazy full moon night which, I often do. And I was in LA, renting an apartment by myself. And nothing was going right for me at the time. And I was having a 'woes is me' moment about I guess all the things I thought about in relationships and I was drinking some red wine and I take my gift everywhere with me so I set up my microphone and set up my laptop and I felt a song coming on and I went for it. And by the early morning I had the whole song written and recorded and the song's version that we're releasing is the original recording from the apartment that night."

Meanwhile, Ginny discussed her experience auditioning for L.A. Reid, and said, "Well firstly he was extremely kind to me so I felt pretty relaxed until I stood up to sing and then I realized what the moment really was and I was looking at him and I was like 'Wow this could actually be a big deal.' and I got a bit nervous and I sang 'Bones' for him and um it was ok but it wasn't particularly good and then it all of sudden turned into the 'X Factor' and he was like 'Well you know what? I don't know about this. I kind of believe in you, I kind of don't. You seem timid and shy.' and he was pushing all my buttons and I was like 'Oh no!' and so I was standing there sort of really standing up for myself and trying to engage in the conversation saying 'I can do it! I can do it!' he said, 'Alright well sing it again for me, please.' But he called the whole company into the office, so it was a good 30 people standing at one end of this little office room. No pressure and I stood at the other and he was like, 'Actually I really, really do believe you can do this. I just need you to come out of yourself.' I don't think he was used to me."

Check out her performance below and for more pictures of Ginny, visit 93.9 MIA!

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Photo Credit: 93.9 MIA