Gillian Anderson Goes Nude for Fishlove

Posted Tuesday December 3, 2013 4:50 PM GMT

She's always up for helping a good cause and now Gillian Anderson lends her support to BLOOM & Fishlove posing in a revealing photo for its new campaign.

In an effort to draw attention to ending destructive fishing practices, the former "X-Files" star took to her Twitter account and shared a snapshot of her posing topless for the spread with an eel covering her chest.

"Join me @fishlove2013 to call on the European Parliament to end destructive deep-sea fishing," Miss Anderson tweeted with the link to the Fishlove site.

According its the website the petition reads, "Amazing animals that live in the deep ocean are being systematically destroyed by massive fishing nets that catch or crush everything in their path. But in days, the European Parliament could vote to protect one of the world's most precious deep-sea habitats—and we need to give them the public mandate to do it."

"On December 10th, Members of the European Parliament can vote to ban the most destructive forms of deep-sea fishing in the Northeast Atlantic... Let's make sure they have what they need before this historical vote! If we come together right now to raise our voices—we can ensure one of the most wonderful ocean habitats in the world is protected. Sign the petition right now and share this with everyone."

The organization also shared,"We urge you to phase out the most destructive fishing practices in the Northeast Atlantic, especially deep-sea bottom trawling, and hope that members of your party will vote for the urgently needed protection of vulnerable deep-sea species and habitats. This is your legacy. Please ensure that these measures are adopted and protect one of the most fragile and biologically diverse areas of the planet before it’s too late."

Photo Credit: Fishlove