Gilles Marini Hits Playboy

Posted Wednesday October 21, 2009 5:32 PM GMT

While the pages of Playboy magazine are usually filled with super-hot females, this time around Hugh Hefner has included a little something for the ladies.

The new issue of the gentlemen’s magazine features a “racy fashion pictorial” with hunky French actor Gilles Marini, who has appeared in “Sex and the City” and “Dancing with the Stars.”

Said to be inspired by Paul Schrader’s film “The Comfort of Strangers,” the photo shoot took place at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and displays hot new looks for men.

Sharing his thoughts on sex and relationships, Marini states, “When you are a kid in France you hear that men have a wife, a dog and a mistress. Let sex be sex. There shouldn’t be anything shocking about it. In France it is open. Here in America it’s a bit like Playboy. Everybody looks at it, but nobody says they do.”

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Photo Credit: Playboy / Tony Kelly