Gerard Butler to Headline Dean Devlin's "Geostorm!"

Posted Friday April 11, 2014 11:43 PM GMT

Beginning his latest film endeavor, Gerard Butler is set to star in the upcoming sci-fi adventure, "Geostorm!"

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros is headlining the project, and it will be directed by "Independence Day" writer, Dean Devlin.

"Geostorm" marks Devlin's directorial debut, despite having co-written sci-fi flicks such as "Godzilla," and the movie has not yet been given an official release date.

According to the synopsis, Gerard plays "a stubborn but charming satellite designer who, when the world’s climate-controlling satellites malfunction, has to work together with his estranged brother to save the world from a man-made storm of epic proportions. A trip into space follows, while on Earth a plot to assassinate the president begins to unfold."

Photo Credit: Getty Images