Gabby Douglas Drops By “Good Morning America”

Posted Tuesday December 4, 2012 1:05 PM GMT

Taking care of some promotional duties, Gabby Douglas showed up at “Good Morning America” in Times Square, New York City today (December 4).

The Olympic Gold Medalist was in the house to talk about her new book “Grace, Gold & Glory: My Leap of Faith,” and she looked cute as a button!

Gabby explained that she almost pulled the plug on her Olympic career, but thanks to her mother she decided to persevere through her hurt.

Douglas shared, “I was very homesick. My family came and visited me for Christmas, and I wanted to go home with them because I hadn’t been home in so long. I wanted to quit and give up the sport because at the time it was very hard, very tough moving away from my family, so Christmas had gone by so fast and I wanted to leave.”

“I wrote up a text message on my phone and I showed it to her and she was heartbroken. She could not believe it… I wanted to get interacted with the other sports and work at a fast food restaurant.”

“She sat me down and we had a long conversation. And she told me to always keep fighting, keep pushing. She said she’d rather me come home as a fighter and a winner than for me to come home as a quitter.”