Celebrity Scandals: Gossip Center http://www.gossipcenter.com/site/rss2 en Gossipcenter.com Copyright 2010 Celebrity-Gossip.net - All Rights Reserved Fri, 28 Aug 2015 10:22:09 -0400 “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Unleashes New Teaser: Watch Here! http://www.gossipcenter.com/star-wars-episode-vii/%E2%80%9Cstar-wars-force-awakens%E2%80%9D-unleashes-new-teaser-watch-here-1241263 Fans young and old are rejoicing this week, as “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” just posted a short teaser trailer to Instagram.

Slated to hit theaters on December 18th, the much-anticipated project bring back Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill and adds in Adam Driver, John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and Lupita Nyong'o.

During San Diego’s Comic-Con, Ford discussed his feelings about the gig- “It should have felt ridiculous… Here I was doing something that I did so long ago. But I can tell you that it felt great.”

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Miley Cyrus Covers ELLE UK’s October 2015 Edition http://www.gossipcenter.com/miley-cyrus/miley-cyrus-covers-elle-uk%E2%80%99s-october-2015-edition-1241262 She seems to be everywhere these days, and Miley Cyrus' latest appearance is on the front of the October 2015 issue of ELLE UK magazine.

The 22-year-old entertainer discusses her fluid sexuality in the cover story- “I’m very open about it – I’m pansexual. But I’m not in a relationship. I’m 22, I’m going on dates, but I change my style every two weeks, let alone who I’m with.”

As for her Happy Hippie Foundation, Miley decided to get charitable when she realized the disparity between her own life and those who are less fortunate- “I was kind of embarrassed that I got paid money to shake my ass in a teddy bear costume. I should not be worth the amount I am while people live on the streets.”

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Kim Kardashian Slams Fat Shamers in C Magazine Cover Story http://www.gossipcenter.com/kim-kardashian/kim-kardashian-slams-fat-shamers-c-magazine-cover-story-1728019 She’s excited to be pregnant with her second child, though Kim Kardashian told C magazine that the process of conception “took the fun out of” trying to get knocked up.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star explained, “It was over a year of trying and I had so many complications. I had this condition called placenta accrete. There were a couple little operations to fix all that, so that created a little hole in my uterus, which I think made it really tough to get pregnant again.”

Kim also addressed the way the public shamed her for her weight gain when she was preggers with daughter North West- “I am lucky that, as of right now, I don’t feel like I’m gonna get preeclampsia again, which last time [contributed to] not only the weight, but also the swelling that everyone would make fun of, not understanding that I had this condition. It was the worst! I couldn’t help it, and everyone would say, ‘She can’t stop eating.’ I delivered at 180, and they were like, ‘She’s 210 pounds. She’s getting dumped because she’s too fat,’ and all these ridiculous stories.”

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Charlie Sheen: I Want to Be Donald Trump’s Vice President! http://www.gossipcenter.com/charlie-sheen/charlie-sheen-i-want-be-donald-trump%E2%80%99s-vice-president-1728004 He’s always up to something interesting, and Charlie Sheen has decided he wants to be the running mate of GOP Presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

The outspoken “Hot Shots” stud changed his mind about the “Apprentice” star, who just so happens to be leading in the polls, and took to Twitter to announce his desire to be Veep.

Charlie wrote, “dear O Wilson they took ur comment out of context! I’m honored! Thank u! If Trump will hv me I’d be his VP in a heartbeat! #TrumpSheen16.” Sheen referred to Owen Wilson’s Politico interview in which he said of Trump, “Here’s somebody who’s not following that script. It’s like when Charlie Sheen was doing that stuff — like, wow! He’s answering a question completely honestly, and in an entertaining way. You sort of feel he could be a character from Network.”

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Chris Brown Adds Bull Tattoo To Back of Head http://www.gossipcenter.com/chris-brown/chris-brown-adds-bull-tattoo-back-head-1728001 Earlier this week he caused quite a social media commotion when he got a tattoo of Venus de Milo on his cranium, and now Chris Brown has given the Italian lady a pal.

On Thursday (August 27) the “Kiss Kiss” singer posted a snapshot of his giant bull ink right next to Venus, along with the caption, “I do what the f*ck I want! #rockstar #500 #onehellofanight #legendarynights.”

Given that Chris’ birthday is May 5th, the bull tattoo seems to represent his birth sign, the Taurus, though there’s no real explanation for Venus de Milo, since she depicts Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love.

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Lea Michele Sizzles on October 2015 Cover of Flare Magazine http://www.gossipcenter.com/lea-michele/lea-michele-sizzles-october-2015-cover-flare-magazine-1241228 She’s been a busy lady as of late and Lea Michele is simply stunning on FLARE magazine’s October 2015 cover.

The “Glee” starlet is gearing up for the release of her new book “You First: Journal Your Way to Your Best Life,” slated to hit stores on September 22nd.

Furthermore, Ms. Michele stars in “Scream Queens,” a brand new series from Ryan Murphy. She told Flare, “We will be drinking Emma’s [Roberts] pee water and getting buried up to our necks and burying dead bodies and sh-t like that, and I had to stick my finger into a pustulous cyst on the show the other day and it was disgusting. I think that the feminist message in Scream Queens is that girls are f-cking badass. Ryan was saying the show is totally girl power. It’s mainly a female cast, all of whom are incredibly talented, strong and successful women. But also, think of any scary movie: it’s not the strong man that survives in the end; it’s the girl. Girls are so much stronger than they know, and especially more than society makes them believe they are.”

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Lady Gaga Tweets “American Horror Story: Hotel” Character Shot! http://www.gossipcenter.com/american-horror-story/lady-gaga-tweets-%E2%80%9Camerican-horror-story-hotel%E2%80%9D-character-shot-1241234 It’s only six weeks until FX brings back “American Horror Story: Hotel,” and already Lady Gaga is building the hype via social media.

On Thursday (August 27) the “Bad Romance” babe posted a snapshot to her Twitter account featuring her “bloodthirsty” Countess character with a trio of cherubic blond boys.

Mother Monster also served up a catchy caption- “We are family. Meet my magical children. HOTEL #AHS.” “American Horror Story: Hotel” is slated to kick off a new season on October 7th.

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Sofia Vergara Fronts SharkNinja Coffee Bar Campaign http://www.gossipcenter.com/sofia-vergara/sofia-vergara-fronts-sharkninja-coffee-bar-campaign-1727929 With a top television show and a hunky hubby-to-be, Sofia Vergara has plenty to be proud of, and her latest endeavor is a partnership with the SharkNinja houseware company.

The “Modern Family” star is the face of the newly-launched Coffee Bar, and given her busy schedule it’s no wonder she needs a caffeinated boost from time to time.

Sofia explained, "When [CEO] Mark [Rosen] told me about their plans to create the Ninja Coffee Bar, I knew I had to get involved from both a personal and business perspective. I never even thought it was possible to make a great iced coffee at home!"

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Gisele Bundchen Dances Up a Storm in New Stuart Weitzman Video: Watch Here! http://www.gossipcenter.com/gisele-bundchen/gisele-bundchen-dances-storm-new-stuart-weitzman-video-watch-here-1241223 It seems there’s nothing she can’t do, so when Stuart Weitzman asked Gisele Bundchen to bust out some dance moves while wearing heels, she was more than happy to oblige.

In the new Fall 2015 campaign, the Brazilian knockout works under the watchful eye of Mario Testino, shaking her moneymaker and showing off Weitzman’s Koko booties and other stylish footwear selections.

Gisele and Stuart have been friends and business colleagues for years, and Ms. Bundchen has fronted several pant-less and topless campaigns for Weitzman as of late.

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Ed Sheeran’s “The Bastard Executioner” Photo Is Here! http://www.gossipcenter.com/ed-sheeran/ed-sheeran%E2%80%99s-%E2%80%9C-bastard-executioner%E2%80%9D-photo-here-1241204 Though he’s best-known for his sweet crooning and guitar looping, Ed Sheeran is also quite the actor, and he’s guest-starring in a brand new drama series called “The Bastard Executioner” this fall.

The “Lego House” hunk is featured in a new snapshot from the FX project, and he told Entertainment Weekly about how he happened upon the unlikely gig.

Ed explained, “Through the magic of Twitter. I was watching SOA and it was mind blowing. I tweeted, ‘Whoever does the music on Sons of Anarchy, I want to buy him a pint.’ And then Kurt [Sutter] tweeted me back to say his name is Bob and I should do a song for it. So I did. We kept in touch from there. And then I was having dinner at his house and I was talking about Marilyn Manson being in Sons of Anarchy, and just saying, if you ever have another show, can you stick me in it? Just like a bit part? And here I am.”

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Hilary Duff Does a Little Retail Therapy In Los Angeles http://www.gossipcenter.com/hilary-duff/hilary-duff-does-little-retail-therapy-los-angeles-1241219 Taking some time for herself, Hilary Duff engaged in a spot of shopping in a few top Los Angeles boutiques on Wednesday (August 26).

The “Younger” actress dressed in dark tones, punctuated with a light brown Chanel handbag as she carried her iced coffee beverage up the sidewalk while paparazzi looked on.

Earlier this week, Duff showed up at the grand opening of Rise Nation Fitness Studio in West Hollywood on the arm of the owner, personal trailer Jason Walsh. When asked about the nature of her relationship with Walsh, Hilary told press, “I train at Rise Movement, so I’ve known Jason for awhile, and all the trainers there. "It's awesome to watch him start this. It's really changed my body, and it looks really hard, but it's 30 minutes, and you can do anything for 30 minutes. ... Obviously I have a 3-year-old and doing things quickly is important for me, but it's kind of addicting!"

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: West Hollywood Workout Woman! http://www.gossipcenter.com/rosie-huntington-whiteley/rosie-huntington-whiteley-west-hollywood-workout-woman-1241214 Staying active in the off-season, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley hit up a West Hollywood fitness center on Wednesday afternoon (August 26).

The “Mad Max: Fury Road” starlet wore a snakeskin print sports bra and tight leggings as she made her exit, giving the shutterbugs an unhindered look at her absolutely fabulous abs.

Of her strategy for a flat stomach, Rosie told press, “I've found Pilates great because it's slow and controlled and you really have to think about the muscles you’re working. It sounds counter-productive but drinking more water will actually get rid of the water retention. Probiotics are great for keeping things moving as well, I throw them in a smoothie or take them in pill form.”

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Vanessa Hudgens: Toned Tummy in Tinseltown http://www.gossipcenter.com/vanessa-hudgens/vanessa-hudgens-toned-tummy-tinseltown-1727863 Making the most of the beautiful pre-fall weather, Vanessa Hudgens showed up on the streets of Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (August 26).

The “High School Musical” hottie sported a huge smile and sunglasses as she flaunted her flirty midriff in a white crop top, distressed jeans and a waist-tied flannel.

And despite her broken finger, Vanessa has managed to keep her followers abreast of her activities- earlier this week she tweeted, “Secret project coming soon #JaneyLopatyVintage #styledbynat.”

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Julianne Hough Flaunts Engagement Bling on Instagram http://www.gossipcenter.com/julianne-hough/julianne-hough-flaunts-engagement-bling-instagram-1241202 When pro hockey stud Brooks Laich picked out Julianne Hough's engagement ring, he clearly wasn’t concerned about how much it would cost.

And on Wednesday (August 26) the “Dancing with the Stars” cutie finally showed off her left-hand sparkler (a 5-carat Lorraine Schwartz piece) while piling into a cab en route to the Taylor Swift concert at the Staples Center.

Of the extravagant ring, an insider told press, “Brooks called Lorraine because he wanted to find the most perfect diamond that was truly beautiful and shined so bright — just like Julianne. Brooks and Lorraine worked together for months to find a ring that reflected Julianne’s grace and elegance. It’s very clean, very elegant, very beautiful and the diamond is the highest quality. It just shines gorgeous.”

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Miley Cyrus Dons Nipple Pasties on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” http://www.gossipcenter.com/miley-cyrus/miley-cyrus-dons-nipple-pasties-%E2%80%9Cjimmy-kimmel-live%E2%80%9D-1241201 Never afraid of showing off her breasts, Miley Cyrus selected heart-shaped nipple covers as part of her ensemble for her appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Wednesday night (August 26).

The 22-year-old singer was in the house to promote her hosting gig at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards this weekend, and she explained that flaunting her lady pillows has helped her with her nerves in the past.

Cyrus recalled, "I did the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and I saw Paul McCartney. I saw him not knowing how to talk to me. I don't know really how to talk to Paul McCartney, so it made me very comfortable because it made him more uncomfortable. So sometimes it's like a kind of nice convo ice breaker!"

Kimmel also inquired as to Miley’s dad Billy Ray Cyrus’ feelings about her nudist tendencies-

“My dad's cool," stated Cyrus. “He'd probably maybe rather I didn't have my tits out the whole time, but he'd rather me have my tits out and be a good person, than have my shirt on, and be a bitch. I see a lot of people with their clothes on, and they're kind of a—holes. And I don't know if it's the clothes that turn them into a--holes. When you've got your tits out people are already kind of judging you. I feel better this way."

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Demi Lovato Debuts Confident Album Cover! http://www.gossipcenter.com/demi-lovato/demi-lovato-debuts-confident-album-cover-1241200 Her new album Confident is slated to hit stores in October and Demi Lovato just revealed the super-sexy cover art via Twitter.

The “Skyscraper” singer poses for the shot while wearing a flirty black sleeveless top and skimpy black briefs, along with dramatic makeup accents.

Demi told Cosmopolitan’s September 2015 issue that she and boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama have been through the wringer over the years, though they’re much stronger for having endured life’s challenges. “The only times we ever broke up were when I was relapsing, whether it was drugs or in a bad place and rebelling against everybody, not just him. We started dating when I turned 18… Right after that, I went to rehab. People told him, 'You should probably leave. She's on a spiral, and you're going to be sucked down with it.’ But he was like, ‘I'm not leaving. This is somebody I really care about.”

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Taylor Swift Welcomes Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake and Lisa Kudrow for Los Angeles Finale http://www.gossipcenter.com/taylor-swift/taylor-swift-welcomes-selena-gomez-justin-timberlake-and-lisa-kudrow-los-angeles-finale Following a string of sold-out nights at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Taylor Swift brought out a slew of pals for her grand finale on Wednesday (August 26).

The “I Knew You Were Trouble” babe invited her BFF Selena Gomez to debut her new song “Good For You,” and one fan told Us Weekly, "It was a major girl power moment. Afterwards Selena and Taylor seemed so excited about how well the performance went."

From there, Swifty snagged “Friends” star Lisa Kudrow to sing her famous song “Smelly Cat” as her alter ego Phoebe Buffay. Kudrow later tweeted, “So @taylorswift13 is THE best person I've ever met. That was fun. Thanks Taylor.” And to top it all off, Taylor beckoned Justin Timberlake to sing “Mirrors” as his first live performance since becoming a dad. Of course, proud wife Jessica Biel and her mother watched from the audience!

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Justin Bieber: People Want to Keep Seeing Me Fall http://www.gossipcenter.com/justin-bieber/justin-bieber-people-want-keep-seeing-me-fall-1727815 He’s been trying to turn his life around for the better, but Justin Bieber still feels like most of the world is working against him these days.

During his interview on the Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show this week, the “One Less Lonely Girl” crooner discussed his controversial past- “I mean, maybe I’m a bad influence, but for me I was like, ‘No, I’m going to do this until I feel like I shouldn’t be doing this.’ Maybe I was wrong, but that’s how I learn, and I feel like I’m much better for it.”

Justin went on to say he had an epiphany that made him want to change- “It has to be on you. You have to make the conscious effort, because for me, so many times it was good people coming in my life and tugging at me, but I wasn’t ready. They’re like, ‘Justin, come on.’ But I wasn’t ready to take that leap and be like, ‘Okay, this is what I want to change, this is who I am, and this is not who I am.’ It takes moments of clarity to be like, ‘Oh, that’s why I’m not like this. That’s why I shouldn’t do this.' I just want to be around people who I feel are supporting me, uplifting me, and making sure I’m the best version of myself, because there are so many people in this industry who just want to keep seeing me fall.”

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Karlie Kloss Snags Marc Fisher Fall 2015 Campaign http://www.gossipcenter.com/karlie-kloss/karlie-kloss-snags-marc-fisher-fall-2015-campaign-1241192 Gearing up for another amazing autumn season, Karlie Kloss has just been named the face of the Fall 2015 advertising spread for footwear brand Marc Fisher.

The stunning Chicago-born poser is flawless in the newly-released images and it turns out she’s also an ambassador for Fisher’s #MakeYourMarc program. Per the company website, “The #MakeYourMarc program celebrates and supports women who serve as real life role models in areas of arts, health, human rights and more.”

Meanwhile, Marc told press he’s thrilled with the release of his new Marc Fisher Ltd lineup-

"I feel like everything in the market is focused on inexpensive. I really wanted to go in the opposite direction and focus on better shoes that are timeless.”

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“Ghostbusters” Set Gets a Boost of Girl Power http://www.gossipcenter.com/ghostbusters-3/%E2%80%9Cghostbusters%E2%80%9D-set-gets-boost-girl-power-1241174 She’s been working hard on her new “Ghostbusters” reboot, and Melissa McCarthy has a message for all the naysayers that have been badmouthing the all-female cast.

The “Bridesmaids” actress posted a photo via Instagram on Tuesday (August 25), including costars Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon and every other female worker from the cast and crew.

Melissa and her group of over 50 ladies held up “Girl Power” signs and she captioned the snapshot, “3 cheers to @theellenshow from all the remarkable women of #ghostbusters. When we stand together we are unstoppable! #girlpower.”

Wed, 26 Aug 2015 17:50:00 -0400