Chipotle Says Frank Ocean Did Not Write the F-Bomb on Their Settlement Check

Posted Thursday March 20, 2014 7:13 PM GMT

It's not uncommon for hip hop stars to exaggerate their attitudes, but this time Frank Ocean got caught in the act.

By way of settlement, the "Pyramids" singer sent a hefty check to Chipotle after they sued him for breach of contract. Posting an image of the check to his Tumblr site, Frank indicated that the memo line read "F*ck Off."

However, Chris Arnold, Communications Director for Chipotle, told E! News, "We received a check, yes (and have dropped the suit). It, however, did not say 'f*ck off' on the memo line as it did in the photos he posted."

Giving a little dig on the way out, Mr. Arnold added, "Nice stunt, though, Frank." Mr. Ocean has yet to respond.

Photo Credit: Getty Images, Chipotle

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