Megan Fox Shows Off Goods in "This is 40" Trailer: Watch Now!

Posted Tuesday August 7, 2012 6:30 PM GMT

Universal Pictures released the trailer for its new highly anticipated comedy “This Is 40” on Tuesday (August 7).

Judd Apatow's newest fan-favorite flick focuses on former “Knocked Up” couple Pete and Debbie, played by Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Apatow explained the meaning of the film saying, "It's about getting older," adding, "what the hell happened? Am I making all the right choices? Is this where I'm supposed to be? Is this it? All of those dreams that you had when you were young, all of the possibilities, when you lock into marriage and kids, do the possibilities dwindle or go away?"

Starring plenty of Hollywood heavyweights including Megan Fox, Melissa McCarthy and Jason Segel, “This Is 40” is set to hit theaters on December 21.

Check out the newest trailer below and let us know what you think!

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures