Fergie on Son Axl: "He's A Screamer"

Posted Friday March 21, 2014 3:13 PM GMT

Always happy to share details about her little man Axl Jack, Fergie revealed that the 7-month-old is living up to his rock and roll namesake.

During an interview with E! News in Washington D.C. on Thursday, the 38-year-old singer stated that Axl has a voice of his own.

“He’s a screamer,” Fergie explained with a smile. “There’s always this high-pitched scream going throughout the house.”

She continued, “It’s not him complaining or crying. He just gets excited and he wants to scream!”

The “Big Girls Don’t Cry” songstress also stated that her and Axl have “little scream-offs” against each other. “Mommy scream-offs. Those are exciting!”

Photo Credit: Getty Images