Kate Bosworth Announces Style Thief App!

Posted Tuesday July 15, 2014 5:13 PM GMT

While she’s best-known for her ability to captivate an audience, Kate Bosworth is broadening her horizons with a brand new smartphone app.

The “Blue Crush” babe has partnered with Samantha Russ for Style Thief, an interactive program that takes photos of real-life outfits and then finds them on e-commerce sites for purchase.

Bosworth told WWD, “Everyone has fashion envy. Everyone can relate to that feeling of looking at an editorial, for example- or a friend, or the runway for that matter- wanting to steal something exactly as you’re seeing it, or something similar.”

Style Thief’s tagline is “Snap & Steal” and Kate can’t wait until the world can utilize the groundbreaking technology.

“Every time I look at a collaboration, whether it’s with product or an online presence or something like an app, it really is the melding of art and commerce, fashion and tech. Understanding how to refine search for customers is, I think, something on the forefront of tech and fashion. Our intention is to be a tool for consumers to find something and ultimately purchase. It’s as easy as that.”

Photo Credit: Donato Sardella

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