Evangeline Lilly Talks Lengthy At-Home Childbirth

Posted Monday October 10, 2011 7:35 PM GMT

She was dead-set on the natural, at-home delivery of her first child last May, but now Evangeline Lilly has admitted that the birth didn't turn out as easy as she had previously hoped.

During a recent appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," the "Real Steel" star explained the lengthy child-rearing process, telling the host, "I actually skipped the hospital. We decided to have the baby at home because we wanted it to be a natural birth, and it turns out that it was 30 hours of natural!"

Not expecting five hours of seemingly endless pushing, Evangeline's midwife finally stepped in, as she explained, "I was like, 'Really? After five hours of pushing, you have a few suggestions? You couldn't have told me five minutes in?'"

And while Lilly had hoped to take some time off acting to focus on her latest role as mom, she signed on to play in Peter Jackson's "Hobbit," a project that has allowed her to take her son, even though the little one isn't always fond of the experience.

“He came to the trailer and I put him to my breast [to nurse] and he screamed his head off, staring up at this strange, pointy-eared, mess of a person that was not his mother,” adding, "And then that night I was feeding him at home and he was perfectly fine and my partner [Norman Kali] said to me, ‘You know his internal dialogue right now is, “Mom, you won’t believe what happened to me today!”‘”

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