Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Biking Around the Big Apple

Posted Friday June 15, 2012 10:02 AM GMT

Making the most of the beautiful weather, Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton were spotted riding their bikes in New York City last night (June 14).

The “Catch Me If You Can” stud and his Victoria’s Secret Angel girlfriend looked blissful as the tooled around Manhattan following a dinner date.

In career news, it sounds like Leo owes Robert De Niro big time for his introduction to Martin Scorsese.

Martin told press, "I first heard about Leo from (De Niro). He told me in passing, 'I just did this thing called This Boy's Life with this kid named Leo DiCaprio. He's really good. You should work with him some day.' And he rarely says that. He's always really kind about other people, but he rarely says I should work with somebody. I saw What's Eating Gilbert Grape and I didn't realize it was him (DiCaprio) and he was terrific. And then of course Titanic. I thought he was very good in that. So when the word came around that he liked my movies, and his participation in Gangs of New York was able to get that movie made, a very special relationship started.”

Photo Credit: SplashNewsOnline.com