Erin Heatherton: Miami Beach Bikini Photoshoot

Posted Monday September 10, 2012 1:44 PM GMT

Kicking off the week with a hard-working gig, Erin Heatherton attended a photoshoot in Miami Beach this morning (September 10).

The blonde Midwestern hottie donned a two-piece VS Swim triangle bikini and flaunted her hotness for the camera while a few lucky spectators looked on.

During a recent interview, Erin shared that while she’s not always a stickler for the rules, she prefers to abstain from kissing on the first date.

She explained, “I say no, but everyone falls in love in different ways. I think rules in relationships are kind of confusing, because everyone is different in relationships. You should be true to yourself; If you want to kiss, don’t not kiss because someone told you not to.”