Erin Andrews’ Twitter Fiasco

Posted Tuesday October 23, 2012 11:20 AM GMT

She can’t seem to stay away from crazies, and Erin Andrews' latest drama comes from her account on the social networking website Twitter.

The FOX Sports hottie posted a threatening tweet she received along with the caption, “Why Twitter needs policing.- "@ErinAndrews You make eye contact with me and I will chop you apart. You are just a bad thing,” from user @hyuncmartinez.

Furthermore, the same handle was responsible for previous tweets like, "@ErinAndrews Do not make me mention about your family you psycho!!!" and "@ErinAndrews So, now how will you face me tonight bitch?" and "@ErinAndrews You do not tweet me anymore before I will kill you."

There’s no word yet on any police involvement, but stay linked to the GossipCenter for the latest on this disturbing story.

Photo Credit: Getty Images