Emmy Rossum: Red Hot for "CBS This Morning"

Posted Wednesday March 12, 2014 3:18 PM GMT

Stepping out for some media duties, Emmy Rossum stopped by CBS studios in New York City on Wednesday (March 12).

During her interview, the 27-year-old actress chatted about the downfall of her scandalous character in the hit series “Shameless.”

“She’s been kind of the core of this lower-income family from Chicago for a long time,” Miss Rossum explained about Fiona. “She’s kind of trying to raise all of her siblings by herself and this year she’s kind of struggling with some substance abuse problems that… she’s kind of genetically predisposed to having.”

Also discussing the drug scenes in the show, the “Beautiful Creatures” star admits that she’s never experimented with any of the substances and she uses milk powder to practice. “[The milk powder is] going somewhere into your brain cavity. It’s not good. I told them they could have two takes per nostril and that was it. I was putting a limit on it.”

In regards to the show’s success, Emmy stated, “It’s dark, but there’s a lot of humor to it. I think we deal with things in a kind of very brazen. There’s nothing we’re scared of. We kind of push the limits.”

“At the core it’s really about family and loyalty. And that’s why people actually care about the characters and invest in them the way they do,” she added.


Photo Credit: INFPhoto.com