Emmy Rossum in Complex: There Should Be Equality When It Comes to Sex

Posted Friday January 17, 2014 1:08 PM GMT

With the fourth season of her hit series "Shameless" underway, Emmy Rossum garnered herself a little added exposure by covering the February 2014 issue of Complex magazine.

While rocking a few poses in dominatrix-style ensembles for the Tony Kelly-shot front page, the "Beautiful Creatures" cutie chatted about her views on the music business and her gluten intolerance.

Highlights from Miss Rossum's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Complex!

On the sexuality in the music industry:
"There's this Enrique Iglesias song 'Tonight (I'm F***in' You). It's basically about tonight he goes to a club, he sees a girl, and then he's going to f*** her. How about buy her a drink first? How about find out her last name? It sends women the message that that's how you should be treated, because girls are programmed to want the famous guy, to listen to what they say. There's a lot of harm that could be done through stuff like that. Women putting that sentiment out there, I have no problem with that. There's a kind of female empowerment that 'Sex in the City' started that women should retain their sexual power. That's not how I approach sex, but if a woman wants to have sex that way, I'm OK with her doing that. I think there should be equality. The idea of sex being in a club. 'Tonight, I'm f***ing you'? To me it's just so gross."

On her avoiding singing pop music:
"Modern pop music is fun but it's never something I felt I could do organically or believably. Four-on-the-floor grinding in hot pants is just not my nature. And don't think people didn't make me try. Maybe I just have an older sensibility because I was raised by older nannies and a mom who had me when she was 40."

On her approach to pesky paparazzi:
"Nobody can give you a guidebook on how to play it. Jennifer Lawrence plays it best because she's not playing it. People can tell when you're playing. I must not be that interesting. I don't like the club scene and most of the people I've dated haven't been actors, so I've finagled my way out of it. But it's not as if the paparazzi don't park outside my house and snap my photo. They do."

On her past experience with substance abuse:
"I had a boyfriend who was sober and had gotten sober at 18 actually. He started a program at AA called Never Had a Legal Drink. But I met him when he was already in his 20s. I tend to steer away from people who have dependency issues. That scares me because I have such a low tolerance for anything. One drink or one hit, I'm plastered. I'm at half a glass of wine and I would probably already give you my firstborn."

On her gluten intolerance symptoms:
"I get awful canker sores almost immediately and my lips get Angelina Jolie. I don't mind that. It's the canker sores, because then you can't use your lips. I try to deliver lines and I'm like [makes Flubber noise]."

Photo Credit: Tom Kelly for Complex

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