Happy 24th Birthday, Emma Watson: Check Out The Gorgeous Actress' Best Magazine Covers!

Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014 2:25 PM GMT

It's been quite a special year for Emma Watson, from scheduling her last semesters at Brown University to nabbing some amazing new roles. And aside from all that, one thing is for certain - she's ready for a much-needed birthday celebration.

In honor of her 24th birthday, GossipCenter looks back at the "Harry Potter" beauty's best magazine interviews and covers!

ELLE April 2014
She grew up in the spotlight thanks to her role in the “Harry Potter” franchise, but Watson admitted in the August 2013 issue of Teen Vogue magazine that she constantly struggled with fame throughout the years. During her interview, the “Bling Ring” hottie revealed the difficulties of being a world renowned actress.

"It sounds stupid or completely unbelievable, but [going to college] was when I really realized that I was famous. There are still days when I deal with it horribly and there are days when I deal with it really well. [Everything was] turned upside down."

W June/July 2014:
Making her mark on the publication for the first time, Miss Watson covered the June/July 2013 issue of W magazine. The “Harry Potter” beauty explained while most teenager girls were excited about reaching adulthood, she was actually quite the opposite.

“I’ve never wanted to grow up too fashion. I wanted to wear a sports bra until I was 22! The allure of being sexy never really held any excitement for me. I’ve never been in a terrible rush to be seen as a woman.”

NYLON October 2012:
Adding another magazine to her credit, Emma covered the October 2012 issue of NYLON magazine. During her Q&A session, the brunette beauty discussed her life while growing up in the spotlight.

"I've done my life backwards; it's really bizarre. Most of my friends are just about to start working, and I've had a job for the past 10 years. It's strange, because most people spend that decade figuring themselves out and figuring out what they like and what they don't like--just making mistakes in the privacy of their own teenage bedrooms. And I am kind of doing everything in a different way, so sometimes it's a bit isolating."

Glamour October 2012:
With her film “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” nearing its exciting premiere, Miss Watson graced the October 2012 issue of Glamour magazine. The then 22-year-old actress chatted about relationships and revealed why she won’t date other celebrities.

"I try not to. It definitely makes me nervous. I haven't tried to make others celebrity friends or date people who are in my industry, because it's difficult and it can be really superficial. I'm lucky that most of the people I've dated I've been at university with."

Vogue July 2011:
While promoting the final installment of “Harry Potter," Emma covered the July 2011 issue of Vogue magazine. During her chat with the publication, the adorable actress opened up about her busy career and school schedules.

“I have felt for the last ten years I have had this battle; I’ve been fighting so hard to have an education. It’s been this uphill struggle. I was Warner Bros.’ pain in the butt. I was their scheduling conflict. I was the one who made life difficult. I just realized at one point that I can’t fight everything. I have to move in the direction of it—and go with it.”

Photo Credit: Boo George for Teen Vogue, W Magazine, Guy Aroch for NYLON, Alexei Hay for Glamour, Mario Testino for Vogue

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