Emma Stone Defeats Jimmy Fallon in “Tonight Show” Lip Synch Challenge

Posted Tuesday April 29, 2014 9:35 AM GMT

His games with guests are legendary and Jimmy Fallon welcomed Emma Stone for a friendly round of Lip Synch Challenge on “The Tonight Show” last night (April 28).

The “Amazing Spider-Man 2” cutie looked on as Fallon performed Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” to perfection before taking the stage herself for a spirited rendition of Blues Traveler’s “Hook.”

However, Jimmy’s version of “Mr. Roboto” was no match for Emma’s infectious performance of DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win,” and she ended up getting crowned the winner.

Meanwhile, Ms. Stone confessed she’s been poking around the internet lately, looking at a few unlikely websites. "Lately I'm checking out some young mom blogs. Here's how it happened…There are people blogging about pretty much everything, but there women in my age range that are mothers. I can't even get my life together enough to put furniture in an apartment. I just Pinterest everything.”

"Pinterest is basically like a mood board online, and you can look on different sections and you can build your dream life, basically. You're like, 'Oh, these clothes! I would wear all these clothes if I could. This is what my house would look like.' They're just pictures that you would pin as if you were pinning them to a corkboard, but you're pinning them to an internet website...and your life is sad because it doesn't look like that."

She added, "My Pinterest is secret because I would be humiliated if anyone would see how many inspirational quotes I have. I've got a lot of, like, 'Just pick yourself up by the bootstraps.'"

Photo Credit: NBC