Ellen Page Receives Praise From Ellen DeGeneres for Coming Out

Posted Thursday May 1, 2014 11:28 AM GMT

Back in February, Ellen Page told the world she’s a lesbian during the Time To Thrive Valentine’s Day conference and it seems she made quite an impression on Ellen DeGeneres.

During her interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (airing today), the “Juno” actress discussed her decision to come out.

She noted, “I was the most nervous I’ve ever been in my life, for sure. I think my biggest fear of doing it was even just having a panic attack quite frankly.”

"I was so ready to do it and, quite frankly, so excited to do it, so it was a combination of just such thrill to finally be at that place in my life where I was able to do that, and grateful to have that moment -- and grateful to you, because you did it at a time where it was much harder and much scarier,” she added, giving credit to DeGeneres for her very public coming out back in 1997.

"I did not anticipate just how happy I would feel in just every aspect of my life -- just an ease and a comfort, and it’s really been quite extraordinary to feel just the shift. It was pretty much overnight too. I was carrying a tremendous amount of shame and guilt for not being out, and I felt isolated from the LGBT community, and now I don't."

DeGeneres chimed in, "I am so proud of you for coming out and I am happy for you. I know what a scary thing that is. Your speech was incredible. I just thought it was the most brilliantly written speech."

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.