Elle Macpherson: Pilates Pretty in London

Posted Thursday November 8, 2012 2:00 PM GMT

Keeping up with her workout regimen, Elle Macpherson showed up at a Pilates class in London, England today (November 7).

The gorgeous Aussie supermodel looked sexy sporty as she braved the chilly conditions in the UK after her fitness session.

Meanwhile, fellow model Charley Speed recently sang Elle’s praises during his interview with Bang Showbiz.

Speed gushed, ''Elle's a good business lady. I know there's lots of stereotypes about models, but what people don't understand is that intelligence goes a long way in this industry. It enables you to go further and when you're not modeling anymore to stay involved in it.”

''She's got a good business head on her so she's a good example to a lot of people out there. You can't just rely on looks, you've got to have some kind of trade as well.''

Photo Credit: INF Daily

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