Elizabeth Hurley Blamed For Celebrity Craze

Posted Saturday July 14, 2007 2:47 PM GMT

Being famous these days seems to come with a lot more baggage than it ever did in the past. And one actress is naming Elizabeth Hurley as the reason for the recent trend in “fast food celebrity.”

Actress Thandie Newton has some harsh words for her fellow Brit. She claims that Hurley started the trend of fame seeking celebrities. And she dates it back to the 1990’s.

Back when Hurley was dating Hugh Grant, she was a virtual nobody. But as soon as she wore her now-famous black plunging Versace dress to the premier of Four Weddings And A Funeral, she was practically a household name.

"Celebrity these days is just about wearing something plunging on the red carpet. There's such a hunger for fast-food celebrity. I think Liz Hurley wearing that Versace dress started it all but anyone can wear a gorgeous dress," Newton told press.

And the Pursuit of Happyness actress longs for the days of the past, when being famous actually meant that you were good at something. "When you ask a kid these days what they want to be they say, 'I want to be famous.' That didn't happen when we were little. You wanted to be famous for a reason," she laments.

Enjoy the pictures of Liz out showing off the figure that took her to stardom (July 13).