Elizabeth Berkley Chats About "DWTS" on "Chelsea Lately"

Posted Friday November 8, 2013 2:33 PM GMT

Tending to some media duties, Elizabeth Berkley stopped by the set of the "Chelsea Lately" on Thursday (November 7).

During her interview with Chelsea Handler, the "Showgirls" star dished about competing on "Dancing with the Stars" and making her comeback after becoming a mother the past year.

"I mean, I used to dance as a kid, and of course, I did a little movie where I danced," Miss Berkley explained. "But it's been a long time and I'm a new mom and I have not danced in forever. So this is all like reconnecting with something from childhood."

Chelsea added, "Yeah, I don't know how you guys do it. I can't even stand up... I mean I don't even know how you guys do it in those heels."

Elizabeth commented, "You know what? I practice in flats and then the other half of the rehearsal is in heels so I get used to the pitch forward. But I have a good partner [in Val Chmerkovskiy]. He's solid."

In regards to their mutual friend and fellow "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Leah Remini, the 41-year-old actress stated, "Do you see how sexy [she is]?"

Chelsea then answered, "I'm like, 'you can't get voted off. No offense. I need her to keep going on that show. I want her to make it to the end so she can really lose that weight."

Photo Credit: E!

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