Dylan Penn's Heart Stolen by Vampire Hunter Steven R. McQueen

Posted Sunday January 12, 2014 5:46 PM GMT

Continuing her walk with supernatural boy toys, Dylan Penn, daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright, is now dating "Vampire Diaries" stud Steven R. McQueen, only a few months after being spotted with Robert Pattinson.

The duo attended Sean Penn's charity gala together on Saturday (January 11), the 22-year-old beauty told McQueen that her feet hurt, to which he responded, "Oh really?" before giving her a quick kiss on the lips, and carrying her out.

The celebrity sweethearts have kept their love affair under wraps until now, and a source close to them stated, "They met awhile back, they started dating pretty quickly, lots of attraction there."

The source continued, saying, "Dylan is a fun chick, whatever she had with Pattinson was very brief if at all. Steven had met Sean before the event last night. [Sean] loves his daughter, really whatever makes her happy is fine with him." Good luck to them both!

Photo Credit: Getty Images