Drew Barrymore Talks Beauty & Olive in InStyle UK November 2013

Posted Tuesday October 15, 2013 8:00 AM GMT

Stepping back from her busy schedules, Drew Barrymore soaked up the spotlight by covering the November 2013 issue of InStyle UK magazine.

During her interview with the publication, the "Charlie's Angels" actress chats about her daughter and shares how her beauty company Flower affects the parenting of the one-year-old.

"The beauty venture was a good thing for me to do as a parent," Miss Barrymore explained. "Olive is going to pick up a lot on the way I behave, so by being a businesswoman and caring about the things I do, or by being philanthropic with my charity work, I can show her how important it is to get outside of your own world."

While discussing her love for cosmetics, Drew states, "I want to spend more of my time on it because I've been passionate about [it] since I was a kid. I love beauty. I love everything related to beauty and putting all of it together: the packaging, the formula, the presentation."

Photo Credit: InStyle UK

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