Drew Barrymore Sows Her Wild Oats

Posted Thursday September 6, 2007 3:50 PM GMT

When you’re rich, beautiful, and famous, it must be nice to have your pick of guys. Just ask Drew Barrymore. She’s been linked to Spike Jonze, Zach Braff, and now “Live Free or Die Hard” hottie Justin Long.

Over the Labor Day weekend, the Charlie’s Angels star was spotted out and about with Long. They heated things up in Sin City’s Jet Nightclub, and onlookers got an eyeful.

One eyewitness told press, “The two were all over each other, making out the entire time." It looks like spending so much time together on the set of their new movie, “He’s Just Not That Into You” has had an effect on the pair.

Drew and Justin first hit the relationship radar when they were spotted enjoying each other’s company over a meal of sushi in Los Angeles. At that time, a friend of Drew’s told press, "The relationship is very new."

Let’s just hope, for Justin’s sake, that Drew has a longer attention span with him than she’s had with other guys.

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Enjoy the video of Drew and Justin getting intimate in Vegas.