Disguised Drake Fools Pedestrians on "Lie Witness News"

Posted Friday April 11, 2014 10:50 AM GMT

Stepping out for some promotional duties, Drake headed to the set of “ Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Thursday (April 10).

During his interview, the 27-year-old rapper participated in a special edition of Jimmy’s “Lie Witness News” by disguising himself and asking people what they truly think about his music.

To be unrecognizable, the “fake” Drake sported a wig and beard with sunglasses while wearing a button-up t-shirt and adding a squeaky pitch to his voice.

When he asked about his hosting gig at the ESPYs, a pedestrian stated, “I think he definitely killed it. Awesome performance. Definitely a great guy.”

While the first interviewer had some positive things to say about his personality, another gentleman disagreed and said, “Drake is kind of an outlandish guy. He says that he came from the bottom, which most likely he didn’t. But he’s a good guy, you know?”

Other questions includes the pedestrians reaction to his crying. He even does a Taylor Swift impersonation.

Check out the hilarious video below!

Photo Credit: ABC