Dr. Conrad Murray Sentenced to 4 Years Imprisonment

Posted Tuesday November 29, 2011 1:53 PM GMT

It was a tense situation in the Los Angeles courtroom as Dr. Conrad Murray arrived to hear of his sentence for his involuntary manslaughter conviction today (November 29).

The troubled physician stood before Judge Pastor as he handed down his decision- and Murray will have to serve the maximum four years imprisonment in the Los Angeles County Jail for his involvement in the untimely death of Michael Jackson back in June of 2009.

Judge Pastor cited Dr. Murray having "absolutely no sense of remorse" and "no sense of fault" as main reasons behind the decision - which makes him a continued danger to society.

Dr. Murray’s trial consisted of multiple witnesses for the prosecution who continuously reiterated that it was Conrad’s negligence that directly led to the late King of Pop’s demise.

Murray’s use of the anesthetic propofol to help Jackson sleep ultimately killed him and now he’ll have some time to think about it.

Photo Credit: Getty Images