Joseph Gordon-Levitt Premieres “Don Jon” in Paris, Up for “Ant-Man” Role?

Posted Tuesday October 15, 2013 11:10 AM GMT

Thoroughly enjoying his time overseas, Joseph Gordon-Levitt showed up at the premiere of his new movie “Don Jon” in Paris, France on Monday night (October 14).

The “Dark Knight Rises” hunk smiled for the cameras in a dark grey suit outside UGC Cine Cite Bercy while fans and shutterbugs looked on.

In career news, Joseph is said to be a front runner for the forthcoming Marvel film “Ant-Man,” though Paul Rudd is also a serious contender.

Director Edgar Wright told press he’d like to see the lead role go to someone who can really develop it. "I think there's something in that it's a lesser known character, there's hopefully more license. For the one percent of people who are like, 'Wait, Hank Pym would never do that!' there's 99 percent going, 'Who's Hank Pym?' So, to me, the source material is great but it also frees you up to be like, I'm going to make a movie. The movie is not going to represent 50 years of Marvel comics because that's impossible. But I'm going to make a 100 minute movie -- or 110 minutes."

Photo Credit: Getty Images