Don Cheadle Talks Famous Dance Video in DETAILS February 2014

Posted Friday January 10, 2014 4:38 PM GMT

With the third season of his hit HBO series "House of Lies" slated to premiere Sunday (January 12th), Don Cheadle landed a feature in the February 2014 issue of DETAILS magazine.

During his Q&A session, the "Iron Man 3" star discussed details about the show and even chatted about his appearance in a 1989 music video.

Check out a few highlights from Mr. Cheadle's interview below. For more, be sure to visit DETAILS!

On "House of Lies":
"[The show's creator Matthew Carnahan] was interested in the idea of making something different - something mean and disrespectful. I liked all those things about it. And it was a character I couldn't anticipate: ruthless, despicable, duplicitous. I also like that this was a TV show with three generations of black men - Marty, his father, and his son. How often does that happen?"

On his father's influence:
"My dad is probably the best human being I know. I was never scared to talk about anything with him, and I didn't ever feel like I was in the lab. But he was much more about living by example than sitting down and giving me peals. He was the first up and the last out the door, he got everybody ready to go. He taught me to work hard but know that it's not necessarily going to mean you'll get the thing you want. That's not the goal, anyway - it's the work."

On his impressive dance moves:
"My friend wanted to do the video, and I went along. I thought it was stupid and tried to leave, but Debbie Allen, the choreographer, wouldn't let me. I told her I wasn't a dancer, and she said, 'Don't ever say you can't. Just say yes. ' Warren Beatty told me something similar later on, about directing, but it applies to acting, too. 'Just don't wait. Don't think there's a time when you'll be ready. You're never ready, you just do it and figure it out."

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